26th SICTIC Investor Day in Zürich

Exhibition / trade fair, Networking event | -

Join us on Wednesday, June 22nd at 5pm @Impact Hub Zürich (Viadukt) for our 26th SICTIC Investor Day with these promising startups: Boldomatic, Conprocs, do nxt, Faveeo SA, MusicFit, Piavita AG, ScorePad, SMEx . Read more about the event on http://sictic.ch/26 and get your ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/26th-sictic-investor-day-zurich-tickets-23029448701


Here are the startups in more detail: - Boldomatic: The Instagram for words.

  • Conprocs: Medical profiling to predict the clinical course of patients, to find the best treatment solution and to avoid side effects. Our customers are health insurances, the national ministry of health and the pharmaceutical industry.

  • do nxt: Monthly recurring crowdfunding for artists and creatives.

  • Faveeo SA: We help brands win in digital media, by helping them move beyond traditional advertising and engage with their audiences at scale on the topics that really matter to them. Artificial Intelligence Meets Content Marketing.

  • MusicFit: MusicFit turns your body into the music creator making the music fit your workout.

  • Piavita AG: Portable medical device for reliable vital data measurements on animals for veterinarians and Big Data analysis.

  • ScorePad: Tablet solution for musicians: use score of your choice, play as you are used to, synchronize orchestras. ScorePad fills the gap between PDF readers and complex applications.

  • SMEx: A Financial Services Platform built upon a concept of Community Currency Marketplace dedicated to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which offers each of its members an international bank-like account in 30 currencies with secure, fast and affordable payment feature