3-day Hyperledger Fabric Training

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Hyperledger Fabric is the leading open source software platform for permissioned enterprise blockchains.

Learn how to use the latest version (1.0) of Hyperledger Fabric codebase and build a full-featured blockchain application.

The program is designed for developers (Golang/Java/Python) spans 3 full days. Two days are essential to bring you to the level where you can start developing your own distributed application. On the third day, attendees develop their idea into a working smart contract and application under guidance of the trainer.

You will work with an experienced trainer: Oleg Abdrashitov, Head of Requirements Working Group at Hyperledger Project and Head of Blockchain Practice at Altoros.

Note the price of Standard Ticket is USD2,520 per person per 3 days. Team discounts are available.

Contact the Organizers: training@altoros.com

Price: CHF 2460