A Meetup on Spark,Hadoop,Node.js,Cloud,CloudFoundry,OpenStack,Docker,Java

Networking event, Lecture / talk, Exchange of information / round table | -

Hi, this meetup is open enrollment, everybody is welcome!

I want to give all participants of HackZurich the chance to meet in advance, have a beer and some food and learn some interesting stuff on the following topics:

ApacheSpark Hadoop MongoDB, CouchDB, NoSQL Docker (+Compose, +Swarm) Node.js IBM Watson Internet of Things OpenStack

(All this stuff above is open source / open standard but runs on our cloud - most of the stuff I'm showing is demo/hands-on, so please feel free to register for the free tier on ibm.biz/joinIBMCloud)

In addition to that I want to encourage you to participate in our virtual Hackathon on Operation Rescue and Recovery! So you get the chance to actually invent something useful. I want to try to form a Zurich group and participate.

"Natural or man-made, disasters bring chaos. Be part of the rescue team by building Bluemix apps that shape and speed the recovery. "

Build an app, using at least one Bluemix service, to help one of the following groups: - Persons immediately impacted by the disaster - Families, friends, colleagues of individuals impacted by the disaster - First responders and backend support teams, including healthcare organizations - Groups and relief organizations dedicated to long term rebuilding activities