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After the great success of our introductory Angular 2 workshop “The Future is Now with Angular 2”, we are now offering you an extended workshop on the subject. This workshop will cover some of the advanced topics when writing modern web applications.

While books and online articles can be an effective medium to convey information, they are mostly providing you with partial solutions. This workshop is offering you a rather holistic view on building web applications using Angular 2. It will boost your productivity by providing the key insights into tackling issues like application design, structural organization, maintainability and much more.

With Gion Kunz, who is the author of the upcoming “Mastering Angular 2 Components” Book and Andreas Malär, you will have the perfect guides through your journey into the future of user interface development.

Workshop is in English, but both instructors also speak German for questions.

Price CHF 444 / 333