Agile Adolescence to Maturity: Experience leads to Collaboration

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Agile Software Development is now widespread, so we should review experience and remaining barriers. Our session stems from in-depth analysis of the Swiss Agile Study 2014, which shows that application of agile practices is strongly dependent on experience. Only a few companies apply most recommended practices; collaborative practices are especially delayed, and arising only with experience. We will present our findings, and facilitate group discussions for attendees to explore implications and solutions for their organizations.


Theory: Intro The survey overview Agile vs Non-Agile – The Good news ? What has improved Practices applied The “agility map” Where are you? Experience Matters Culture evolves Experience matters (again) Why not all from the beginning? Barriers when introducing agile Where is the sustainability? Agile seems to be really stressful Quality improves Finally How did it change over time? A comparison with the 2012 study

Practice: We play the Scrum City Game with all attendees with special focus on collaboration

Training course objectives

Why experience plays an important role when applying agile practices Why some practices are applied immediately, other later Which practices bring the most benefits How to shorten the path to agile Why organizational culture matters


Advanced person, decision maker


A good understanding of agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean etc.)

Max attendance



Für den Workshop wird ein eigenes Notebook benötigt. Für die Vorbereitung erhalten Sie kurz vor dem Workshop Anweisungen.


Martin Kropp, FHNW

Martin Kropp is Professor for Software Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. His teachings and researchs are about making software development more efficient. He is co-author of the bi-annual Swiss Agile Study about usage of agile methods in Switzerland and has published and spoken at various conferences.

Andreas Meier, ZHAW

Andreas Meier is a lecturer and researcher of Software Engineering at Zurich University of Applied Sciences. He teaches classes on software engineering both on the bachelor and the master level. Additionally, he is involved in a software company. He is co-author of the bi-annual Swiss Agile Study and has published and spoken at various conferences.

Price: CHF 360