Agile Breakfast Bern: Beyond Test-Driven Development: Dynamic Development

Information event (≤ ½ day), Networking event, Lecture / talk | -

Most methodologies like RUP, CMM, CMMI, Scrum, etc. concentrate on organizing the development tasks in a software project. Depending on the project one methodology might be more suitable than other. However, these methodologies do not stipulate how a developer should face a particular developing task. This escapes these methodologies.

Most people have heart about Test Driven Development (TDD) however many companies struggle with this technique. In reality most companies perform an approximation of TDD in an inconsistent way. Moreover, those who try to closely follow TDD do not fully understand the implications surrounding it. TDD by itself does not assure you to achieve high-quality software. However, TDD in conjunction with other techniques and practices can achieve highly evolvable, adaptable and maintainable software. We are going to present (i) a set of practices that boost developers productivity, efficiency and effectiveness; (ii) a mechanism for introducing these practices in any-size company and (iii) success stories of such practices applied to companies of up to 250 developers.