Agile Breakfast St. Gallen (März): Soar! It’s never too late to launch your team towards success. (Liftoff)

Information event (≤ ½ day), Networking event, Lecture / talk, Exchange of information / round table | -

Too many Agile projects flounder from the very start. Until you co-create the conditions for success, your project will not soar. Even if your project has been floundering, or is lacking momentum, a Liftoff will give you energy to defy gravity and propel your project to deliver great results. Whether you’re just starting your project or restarting, Agile Chartering and Liftoff provide the launch you need reach for the stars.

Liftoff is a time set aside by a collaborative community (a team, a project) to intentionally explore and set in place what’s needed for success. This is a people-focused practice used to start and initiate a development effort. Lifting off generates the momentum teams need to overcome the gravitational pull generated by lack of common purpose, unclear communication channels, undefined working relationships and other areas of ambiguity. (Larsen & Nies, 2011)

During the Liftoff we focus intently on co-creating purpose, alignment and context. The effort taken to start well (or re-start well) pays off with accelerated project performance and results.While many projects and teams are already doing elements of Liftoff and Agile Chartering, most teams could get so much more out of a Liftoff than they are getting today.

Over the course of this hour you will discover the elements and practice of successful Agile chartering and Liftoff.