Agile Game Lab Zürich

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Agile Game Night.

This "open space"-style workshop is always open for everyone (neither superpowers or Agile experience required) ...

Come to learn, explore, play .. or bring your own game idea to play with others. Try out new games. Practice game facilitation. Or, develop an entirely new game.

Games and simulations are useful tools to explore and experiment with Agile practices. Use games to learn new concepts, or to model complex problems and and experiment with different ways to to apply agile and lean thinking to solve them. Explore an issue at work (e.g. how to get rid of command and control, improve flow etc.) in the safe environment of a game.

Want to know more these types of innovation games? Have a look at these web sites,,

Liip has invited us to play in their new Arena (with beer and chips)!

Please signup on so we can have an idea of attendance.