Apache Spark (Technology and Applications): Inaugural Meetup

Networking event, Lecture / talk, Exchange of information / round table | -

This is our inaugural event of the Zürich Apache Spark Users meetup!

UPDATED: Meeting Agenda

In the first part, we will share some more information about the purpose and the topics to be addressed by this meetup. We kindly encourage you to join the conversation and let us know what your expectations are and what you would like to see happening in the future!

We are proud to announce our first invited guest talk: 4Quant.com will talk about Interactive Scientific Image Analysis using Spark and how they transform raw images into valuable information.

Last but now least, we would like to bring the Apache Spark users together. There will be plenty of time getting to know each other, sharing valuable insights and cheer to the sparkling future of the Apache Spark project!

Important: Please note the new location of the Impact Hub!

Location Sponsor

We would like to thank our friends from Impact Hub for hosting this free event.