Bärner JS Talks

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We’re happy to announce the next Bärner JS Talks! On the 25th of January we’ll have the following line-up:

Turbolinks 3 - Unobtrusive Javascript the Rails-Way

What exactly is Unobtrusive Javascript? Client-Side-Apps VS. Unobtrusive Javascript What’s new in Turbolinks 3?

Emanuel Imhof Web developer, Freelancer, Kickboxer and Tea Lover based in Köniz, Switzerland.


REST vs AdHoc endpoints. A daily dilemma and how GraphQL tries to solve it. Explained using smartvote.ch as an example.

Cédric Reginster from soom-it

Reusable gulp tasks

How to reuse gulp tasks over multiple projects to avoid duplicated code and have a consistent setup. This workflow is also useful in teams with different levels of knowledge as it reduces the configuration overhead.

Michael Heimann from LerNetz

After the talks there will be pizza and beer! As usual :)