big data, AI, deep learning - how it all fits into your digital strategy

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This event is for you...: - if you hear everyone talking about how artificial intelligence will replace humans, but you still can't get a useful answer out of Siri; - If your colleagues always talk "big data", but your enterprise can't make big data bring big insights; - if a computer mimicking the workings of your brain sounds difficult to grasp; - if a computer learning chess on its own in 4 hours and beating previous champion makes you feel a slow learner.

This event will be co-hosted with the Geneva Bots and Artificial Intelligence meetup.

Here are our topics and speakers:

Use Big Data to Extract Business Insights and Value

Sometimes we feel like there is not enough data at our disposal. But the contrary can also cause a problem: how do you make sense or large amounts of data? Jan will explain how artificial intelligence helps makes sense of large quantities of data, through an example of a food startup.

Jan Erik Meidell has an exhaustive background in using AI in financial algorithmic trading (high frequency market making) and is currently a Professor at BSL and a software engineer at Lexigo. He has built up three startups (two in finance and one industrial) and holds a PhD and multiple economics degrees.

What is Deep Learning and where are the limits of AI?

You had to do deep learning when preparing for exams, but nowadays the computers are starting to learn the same way. Sasha will answer the question of what Deep Learning is, how it works, what the applications and use cases are and how to include it in the innovation toolbox of high-performing organizations. Prepare to be amazed!

Sasha Lazarevic is a technology and IT management professional, Solution Manager and Technology Evangelist at IBM, with masters degree in both engineering and business.