Digital Strategy and UX Meetup Geneva

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The first meetup of 2016 is at last here! We have three guest speakers, covering topics of both UX and wider digital strategy. You will hear about Big Data visualization, paper prototyping, and digital challenges of our region.

Participation is free, but as we rent the room, a 5-10 CHF voluntary contribution is highly welcome.

The topics in detail:

"Big Data of the Past"

Big Data is a big buzzword now for describing the vast amounts of digital data that can be collected. But Big Data also lies in our past: in our written history from the past hundreds of years. Yannick Rochat and the lab at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (DHLAB, EPFL) work on making this Big Data of the Past accessible and usable in the digital age for the wider public. Yannick will present the work they did for Le Temps, a major Swiss daily newspaper, on their 200 years of written history

Paper Prototyping

"I would like to know the movies listing of my favorites movie theaters". How could this sentence be transformed into an iPhone App ? In this presentation Yann Chevalier will share his experience of using paper prototyping to go from an idea to a paper prototype in a collaborative way. This discussion includes drawing, steps, patterns, roles, collaboration and tools. Yann Chevalier is a senior UX, lead dev and trainer for iOS. He defines Apps using paper prototyping, he codes Apps using Xcode, Cocoa touch and languages and he drives mobile teams using scrum. His clients range from big companis like Orange, Adobe or Allianz to medium/small businesses like Photobox, DBee or swiss private banks.

Digital challenges of Lac Leman region

All companies, big and small, face challenges in the digital world. Our guest speaker, Mette Stannow has worked at IBM for 16 years, and has a deep understanding of the global marketing landscape - so she has seen these challenges change and evolve over time. A few months ago IBM organised a collaborative effort with Lac Leman-based companies, to discuss what challenges are top of their list. Mette will share the results, and discuss with the group in a collaborative way. So be prepared to talk, not just listen.

As always, we can close the night with a beer and the neighboring La Petite Reine.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Peter Horvath