Digital Strategy and UX Meetup Geneva

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Hello Digital enthusiasts!

I know it is hard to say goodbye to Summer. But the Meetups will cheer you up! We will dive into product design - but not just for product people; explore blockchain - but not just for developers and finance sector; and discuss conversational User Interfaces - but also look under their hoods.

Making Things Happen

Do you ever feel like your project is not progressing? You are certainly not alone! But there is a way to make things happen within one week. And I don't mean locking yourself alone in a room and emerging with The Solution. I mean cooperation, approval, user testing - the works. Stéphane Cruchon, UX and UI design consultant will show us how he's done it for dozens of companies, big and small.

Blockchain for Business

Who hasn't heard of blockchain and cryptocurrencies by now? It's the mot du jour, and just over the peak of the hype cycle. But is it only usable for finance? Is it a just a currency? Or just a boring backend solution business people do not need to think about? Cyril Lapinte, CTO at Smex, and overall blockchain enthusiast is here to show how non-finance sectors can make the blockchain work for them.

Lost in Translation

In between the two presentation, I will invite you to an open discussion about a misunderstanding around a trendy UX/UI topic: conversational interfaces.

Hope to see you there, and kick off this season of the Meetup!

Best, Peter