Digital Strategy & UX Meetup // presentations by WEF and WHO

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Hello Meetup members!

We had a great event in January - so we'll continue with the concept in February. Again you will hear about "digital in large organisations", this time brought to you by Dante from the World Health Organisation, and Scott from World Economic Forum.

Find topic intros below:

Disease spreads fast. But information on social media can keep up with the pace. And maybe even outrun the next epidemic. The World Health Organisation needs to move fast in a world where people move across cities and borders ever faster, potentially accelerating contagion. So WHO is betting on social media, and Dante Licona will tell us how they started the approach, and how far they have come.

About the speaker: Dante is Social Media and Media Monitoring Officer at WHO, coming from a decade-long career in communications and analytics at governmental and inter-governmental level. He is not shy to speak up and be proactive - a fact that comes very handy at our Meetups.

In his career, Scott David has seen a large variety of organisations, both public and private. He will be talking about how the digital era and its tools and practices are transforming organizational structures - and how, despite lofty case studies and success stories, there is so much more to do in this area.

About the speaker: Scott is heading the Information Interaction practice at WEF, with a focus on new product concepts for mapping and interconnecting global issues, predicting industry transformations, and facilitating high level strategic discussions

As always, looking forward to good discussions!

See you on the 28th,