Drupal Romandie Meetup

Lecture / talk | -

Drupal 8.5 is fresh out of the press, we had great presentation with the PHP User group and the Webmardi group, let's make a Drupal meetup for everyone !

It will take place Wednesday the 25th of April, starting from 19:00

We found a host for the meetup, ideally located next to a regional train station in Gland, not far from the highway, right between Geneva and Lausanne ! Free parking available.

For the speakers, a TV screen with HDMI and VGA input is available, please bring whatever adaptors you'd need or contact the organizers beforehand.

The objective is to gather all users of Drupal, whether developers, editors, maintainers, webmasters, designers, front-end specialists, those interested in Drupal. Whatever your reason is, you're welcome !


GraphQL (15 min.) Migrations (15 min.) Drupal 8.5: What's new (15 min.) And/or your presentation !