ELCA Hackathon #2

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What is the ELCAthon?

The ELCA Hackathon - or «ELCAthon» - is a 24-hour coding and design competition in the offices of ELCA in Zurich. In small teams you will develop creative, innovative, and even useful soft- or hardware. At the end of the two days the team with the most convincing results will be be awarded. And because we do not want you to be completely on your own, we help you find the right way with exciting hacking and getting-started workshops!

Why hold this at ELCA?

With over 800 employees from 30 nations, ELCA is one of the largest independent software companies in Switzerland. With over 1,000 development projects spread over the last 10 years, we have extensive knowledge about technological trends and innovative new approaches. Precisely for this reason, we have fun and knowledge when it comes to designing, coding and hacking. More information on ELCA can be found here.

What are the topics?

Transform today's wearisome task of planing a trips, into the enjoyable experience of tomorrow! Leverage any publicly available data to provide contextualized information. Facilitate the process with a simple and intuitive user experience. Push your imagination to include virtual reality, autonomous cars, combinations of public transport, taxi, bike and more. We will provide workshops to kickstart your ideas into concrete solutions in 24 hours!

Who can take part?

Basically, any and every IT enthusiast over the age of 20 may take part. We expect participants to have an affinity for and a relevant skill set in the area of software development, graphics, interface design, project management or the like. Unfortunately, the number of participants is limited. ELCA will decide based on the available registration information and motivation, and will send a definitive confirmation of registration.