Geneva .NET User Group - Introducing ASP.NET 5

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ASP.NET 5 - the managed runtime you've been waiting for.

This year Microsoft will ship ASP.NET 5, the next generation managed runtime for web frameworks.

In many ways, ASP.NET 5 is the biggest .NET paradigm shift ever.

Come and learn:

• how ASP.NET 5 will let you deploy your own version of the .NET Framework on an application level, regardless of the machine settings

• how it introduces a revolutionary project system where your unit of reference is no longer an assembly, but rather a NuGet package

• how you will be able to run ASP.NET on Windows, Linux and OS X

• how the runtime introduces structural typing which is a novelty in C# nominal typing world

On top of all that, ASP.NET heavily relies on the new Microsoft Roslyn compiler, which, as a result, eliminates the "compile" step from the app development process giving the developers a real Node.js-like experience. And yes, it's all open source.

About our speaker

Filip Wojcieszyn is the co-owner of the Scriptcs project, a Microsoft MVP, popular ASP.NET blogger, open source contributor and a member of the ASP.NET Web API advisory group. Specializes in ASP.NET Web Stack and modern Microsoft web technologies. Experienced in delivering robust web solutions in corporate context, worked on projects in many corners of the world (Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Scotland). Follow him on Twitter @filip_woj.