GOTO Night: Scrum;

Lecture / talk | -

Jeff Sutherland, CO-Founder of Scrum

Jeff will join the GOTO Night and give a short talk. You are welcome to actively participate by asking questions, sharing your thoughts and ideas.

Jodok Batlogg: Adequate Developer Care - Beyond Scrum

Jodok's agile adventures started years ago and there were many ups and downs. No matter whether it was about a big bang scrum implementation with close to 100 people, an "open-heart surgery" on a large production system or killing bugtrackers and moving to a bug-free softwarestack - the most challenging topic was about "people". How do you create an environment where developers are happy and productive? How can you ensure that a colourful mix of people act as one team? Are there other measures - beyond Scrum - one can take? Jodok Batlogg is CEO at Lovely Systems and working with a highly motivated team in the Austrian alps. He was CTO at VZnet Netzwerke Ltd. and is a well-known speaker at various conferences.