Hack Session Zurich

Networking event, Lecture / talk, Exchange of information / round table | -

This Event is composed of the following Demonstrations and Hands-On Exercises and is meant for technical people - you won't see barely any slides ...

You can either sit, relax and follow the Demonstration or (if you are more experienced ) just bring your Laptop and join us in hacking. There will by helpers around to support you during the session.

We will implement two applications together - from scratch.

The first one is a simple Java EE application accessing a NoSQL database in order to collect votes for a specific topic from the audience. You will be able to interact with this app using your mobile phone and we will visualize this using a word cloud - in real time.

The second is using a Twitter Stream in storing data in Hadoop and generating a live bubble chart of hot topics in twitter.

We finally conclude with a DOCKER demonstration - one of the hottest topics for 2015

After the session you have learned:

  • What Cloudfoundry is
  • How to get Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby application into production in a ultra-fast way
  • How to deploy and add services like Databases in seconds
  • How to use Eclipse, the cloudfoundry command line tool and GIT for application development and deployment
  • What DOCKER is and how to use it