Hacker News Meetup Lausanne

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Who are you?

We are a loose group of hackers (not crackers), often readers/lovers of Hacker News, that meet regularly in Lausanne to discuss a wide area of topics like Entrepreneurship, Node.js, Fundraising, Webdesign, Apple fanboyism, FabLabs, Clojure, Start-up stories, arcane C++ optimization tricks, BitCoin, ramen profitability, … you get the idea : whatever might be hot and interesting.

What to expect at the meetup?

We don’t have a specific format, but here is a list of short sessions that might happen:

Tech talks: Short talks (5 minutes) about various tech subjects.
Tech demos: Got a hack to demo? You’ve got 2 minutes!
List of upcoming conferences: You won’t miss cool conferences anymore!
Beer & Pizzas: We’re hackers after all.
Top10: We open the current Hacker News homepage, and do live comments around each of the top 10 entries.
!Top10: Did you post a story on Hacker News that wasn’t picked up? You’ve got 1 minute to argue why it should have been!
Dry T-shirt contest: Pick your funniest, geekiest t-shirt for the meetup!
Swiss startups: Debate, advice, hiring, …

Anything else that attendees will bring, really! Doors will open at 7:00 PM but the event will start at 7:30 PM!