ICT industry breakfast

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Evolution or disruption?

Date: Tuesday, 26 June 2018 Arrival: From 8 a.m., presentations from 8.30 a.m. followed by networking and breakfast End: Around 11 a.m. Location: Ambassador House, Showroom, Zurich Nord

EXPERTS AND PIONEERS IN DISCUSSION Technological change is advancing globally. Social megatrends irreversibly create new realities. That also applies to businesses and their habitats: commercial property.

Are these trends evolutionary or disruptive? Who adapts to whom? And above all: do the future technologies of the ICT industry give it the edge?   Artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing, sharing economy – new concepts of work, work environments and commercial property are emerging worldwide. The fixed workplace is increasingly disappearing. Holistically designed, networked and smart work environments are the future. They create the conditions for more productive employees with a healthy and high-performance work-life balance – from ‘shop floor’ to management.

Experts and pioneers look forward to discussing these and related topics with you personally at the ICT industry breakfast.

• Stephan Sigrist, Founder and Head of think tank W.I.R.E. • Olaf Swantee, CEO of Sunrise Communications AG • Daniel Hediger, Managing Director of Immodea • Wiebke Jahnecke, Director Building Consultancy at CBRE Switzerland

Get inspired and share ideas at the ICT industry breakfast. https://www.ambassadorhouse.ch/en/ict-event