ICT Unternehmerreise UK

Course / seminar / educational event / training session, Networking event, Conference / symposium (> ½ day), Lecture / talk, Exchange of information / round table, Excursion / travel | -

Goal of Trade Mission:

Gain insights into the ecosystem of UK clusters and how to establish a presence in Europe’s biggest ICT market. With significant government and private sector investments taking place and procurement policies adapting to the fast paced tech industry, opportunities are and continue to emerge. In particular financial institutions are scrutinised carefully and require major technical investments in terms of improving operations and security.

This trade mission will provide access to businesses, business environments and an understanding of public and private procurement processes. Providing tangible tools and insights will give your business a head-start into this vital market, which is so close but operates very differently.

Meet the people who matter and develop an understanding for success in the UK. Most importantly, meet and hear from potential partners and clients.

Focus of Trade Mission:

• Financial Software, hardware applications • IT security and cyber security • Cloud computing and secure data storage (e.g. resilience, date retention)