IoT: Embedded Applications Prototyping with ESP8266 and Arduino Framework

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n this Presentation our very dear friend Dieter N. will present how the Arduino Timer Library ( can support baremetal programming of embedded applications with a well structured component based approach, where even "parallel" tasks will run "concurrently", just without any RTOS.

Dieter will present the IoT Skeleton Application ( which is running well on ESP8266 based controllers such as Adafruit Huzzah or NodeMCU.

You will also learn: - about the built-in debug CLI and tracing facilities - interactive ThingSpeak and MQTT functions - how to use Eclipse CDT and the toolchain to program the microcontrollers

The presentation is expected to start 18:30PM (doors open from 17:00PM).

Expected Duration: 60-75 mins.

For more Info about the event please visit this Link: