Java SE 8 & EE 7 Launch

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Peter Doschkinow, a long-standing Java expert and employee at Oracle, provides an overview of the interesting and exciting new features of the latest Java Standard and Enterprise Editions. Here’s a sneak preview. There is a lot more to Java SE 8 than lambda.

The brief overview will give you an insight into the additions and improvements that have been introduced with JDK 8.

Then take a look at Java EE 7 and its improvements in the development of business-critical applications.

You will also see how many simplifications have been introduced and how skilfully new requirements, such as the integration of HTML5 by new APIs, have been implemented.

Detailed information can be obtained at our Oracle Java SE 8 and EE 7 launch event on 23 April 2014.

Agenda - Welcome address by Digicomp - Peter Doschkinow: new features of Java SE and EE - Conclusion of event with a drinks reception at Digicomp

Find out what lies behind the new developments: attend our launch event! Referent: Peter Doschkinow

Peter Doschkinow works as a senior Java architect at Oracle and supports the Java community in Germany. His work focuses on server-side Java technologies and frameworks, web services and business integration. Before working at Oracle, he gained valuable experience as a Java architect and consultant at Sun Microsystems.