Jazoon TechDays 2017: Artificial Intelligence meets Developers

Networking event, Meeting / convention, Conference / symposium (> ½ day), Lecture / talk | -

Jazoon is one of the premier conferences in Switzerland attracting developers, product managers and decision-makers of the software industry in and around Switzerland.

For our autumn 2017 session scheduled for the 27.10.2017 in Zurich, we want to bring the topic of artificial intelligence and machine learning closer to the software development community. Our main goal is to bridge the gap between the state-of-the-art (in terms of research and available services) and what is actually being shipped today in software products. The conference is tailor-made for developers, but we also look forward to creating awareness among decision-makers and other stakeholders about the possibilities AI / machine learning techniques can offer.

We already have an exciting lineup of speakers who will talk about some of the most prominent tools (such as Google TensorFlow, IBM Watson Developer Cloud, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning, DeepLearning4J) and hottest technologies (chatbots, deeplearning, voice assistants, IoT) in today's market. Also, hands-on workshops are planned for the 26.10.2017.