March Fintech Special

Lecture / talk | -

There are many sides to every story - and FinTech is no exception. So at the March event we will examine FinTech through a startup, a UX and an incumbent's lens.

The UX-view Blockchain and crypto-currencies are THE buzzwords today. While providing great solutions, they also bring new challenges for interface design. Product designers have to balance between appealing to the masses, while not alienating tech-savvy first movers. The presentation will highlight the top design issues and offer thoughts for discussion. Presenting will be Andràs Rung (PhD), who runs his own company of 15 UX professionals, designing digital products mainly for the financial and classifieds industry. Apart from being a veteran of UX, he is also a lover of old castles.

The startup-view Arnaud Salomon will discuss how the environment in finance and banking is changing to benefit startups, and how good ideas - coupled with brilliant execution - can lead to great projects. Arnaud showed his entrepreneurial spirit already at 16, assembling and selling PCs after school in the Czech Republic. Following a move to Switzerland, a masters degree in Communication Systems from EPFL, a thesis at UBS in Zurich, and a career in commodity and FX trading in Geneva, he founded Smex in 2015 as an early blockchain expert and evangelist.

The incumbent-view In today`s environment, established companies are often seen as the underdog. But underdogs can bite too! Nicolas Bonvin will talk of the challenges that financial institutions are facing, and how incumbents can leverage their assets and transform to respond to disruption. Nicolas built a snowboard company in the early 90s, before falling in love with the internet. He is now defining the digital platforms of Pictet & Cie, a 200 year young company, still going strong.