MobileFirst on Bluemix

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Bluemix provides a platform where you can integrate your mobile app, cloud services, and enterprise systems of record to provide an application that interacts with your on-premises data.

For example, you can build a mobile app to interact with your customer relationship management system that resides on-premises behind a firewall. You can invoke the system of record in a secure way and leverage the mobile services in Bluemix so that you can build a rich mobile application.

First, your integration developer creates the mobile back-end application in Bluemix. He uses the Mobile Cloud boilerplate that uses the Node.js runtime that he is most familiar with.

Then, by using the Cloud Integration service in the Bluemix user interface, he exposes an API through a secure connector. Your integration developer downloads the secure connector and installs it on-premises to enable secure communication between his API and the database. After he creates the database endpoint, he can look at all the schemas and extract the tables that he wants to expose as APIs to the application.

Your integration developer adds the Push service to deliver mobile notifications to interested consumers. He also adds a business partner service to tweet when a new customer record is created with a Twitter API. Next, as the application developer, you can log in to Bluemix, download the Android development toolkit, and develop code that invokes the APIs that your integration developer created. You can develop a mobile application that enables users to enter their information on their mobile device. The mobile app then creates a customer record in the customer management system. When the record is created, the application pushes a notification to a mobile device and initiates a tweet about the new record. During this 1-day workshop, you will learn all about Bluemix and what it can provide you in terms of mobile services for rapid mobile application development. You will practice and perform multiple labs and create simple mobile applications that are leveraging Bluemix mobile services.

Events highlights:

Mobile on Bluemix plus hands on labs: Developing mobile applications using Bluemix Push services, mobile data services and more...