MoMo #39: Mobile R&D and Innovation

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Presentation: Every entrepreneur in the mobile sector knows that innovation is a key point to include in the global business strategy, that it is what allows the company to grow or to differentiate from the competitors, and sometimes even to survive. But how to innovate when you don’t have an R&D department, when you don’t have the necessary money to invest, and when you are not strong enough to protect your future innovations? It’s possible. And any mobile entrepreneur, no matter how big his business his, can do it. During this Mobile Monday, some entrepreneurs will show you how they make profit from their mobile innovation. And before that the University of Geneva will explain how to set up a research project and be founded to realize it. In other words, how to get your mobile R&D offered to you!

List of speakers:

*Michel Deriaz, R&D Project Manager at the TaM group of University of Geneva

*Vincent Matringe, OnYourMap

*Dr. Christian Floerkemeier, CTO and co-founder of Scandit

*Stéphane Cheikh, Innovation Manager at SITA Lab