Open Data Lunch at Lift Conference

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Please sign up here till Friday, January 31 and let us know if you need a complimentary Lift pass.

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Pizzas and Drinks provided.

1pm: Urban Data Challenge Update

We hope you all still remember the Urban Data Challenge? And all the great projects people produced 2013 from the open public transportation data sets from Zurich, Geneva and San Francisco? Even though you have not heard much recently, Lift, swissnex San Francisco, GrayArea and have been working hard behind the scenes to make a next exciting edition and would love to update you over lunch!

1:45pm: Secure Swiss Collaboration: Protect your Customers

With Georg Greve, CEO of Kolab Systems AG and a genuine "Open Knight". Gizmodo wrote that might be the best secure emailservice still standing. Why is that? Kolab Systems CEO will give some insight into the reasons that MyKolab has the highest possible ratings for security and customer protection, what it offers beyond email, and where the journey is going.

2.30 pm: Join the Lift conference

Afterwards you are invited to join the session on ‘The Sharing Economy Backlash’, followed by the Alp ICT Venture Night. You find the full Lift program here

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