Pantalks: Insights from Five Years of Rails Girls Switzerland

Networking event, Lecture / talk | -

In this Pantalk Jasmine Torfi, organizer of Rails Girls Zurich, and Rodrigo Haenggi, coach and organizer of Rails Girls Basel, will share about the Rails Girls community in Switzerland.

Rails Girls Switzerland is a non-profit association with the aim to give tools and a community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas. They do this by organizing events that provide a great experience on building things and by making technology more approachable.

Jasmine will speak about the history of the worldwide Rails Girls community. She’ll provide a ‘behind the curtain’ look at what goes into organizing a Rails Girls event in your city. Lastly, she’ll share her experience and insights gained by organizing Rails Girls Zurich 2016.

Rodrigo will finish the talk by sharing about his experience as a coach at Rails Girls and how it helped him become a better software writer.