Personal data & GDPR - 21st century's oil...or plague?

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Data, especially personal data has been praised as the 21st century's new natural resource. But recent scandals have eaten away at user trust, bankrupted companies, and prompted legislators to act. This is the topic for our May event's two talks.

GDPR: Risk or Opportunity?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the EU's response to usage of private data in our highly digitized universe. Jeff Primus will analyze its main effects and chart a path to transform a compliance requirement into a competitive advantage.

Jeff Primus is the perfect person to help in the GDPR maze. He is CEO and senior consultant at ACTAGIS (, with 25 years experience. He covers both IT and business by holding both a Computer Science degree from EPFL, as well as an MBA, and is a lead lecturer at University of Paris-Sorbonne and University of Geneva. For 25 years he has been implementing governance, cyber security, risk & business continuity management systems for public and private companies of various sizes, in Switzerland, Europe and the Middle East. Not to mention that being an instructor for GDPR Data Protection Officer certification is just one of his many accreditations.

Privacy and UX

deletefacebook trending, Siri listening to every word you say, Google tracking your location even when you tell it not to - infringement of our privacy is at an all time high. What are companies doing in terms of user experience to win back user trust?

Peter Horvath is the organizer of the Digital Strategy and UX Meetup series, a digital product manager at satellite communications firm Inmarsat, with agency experience in digital strategy and project management.

See you there - and bring your questions about GDPR! Peter Horvath