Product Ownership Fishbowl @PoDojo

Networking event, Lecture / talk, Exchange of information / round table | -

The Product Ownwership Fishbowl is an open discussion for agile product creators to connect and exchange ideas.

This is the first meetup of the Product Ownership Fishbowl in Zurich (joining Berlin and Vienna).

Exchange ideas about Lean, Agile, Scrum Product Ownership and service design in the PODojo.

We are excited to hold the first Swiss #PoDojo and Product Ownership Fishbowl at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. Easily accessible in the heart of the Züri Niederdorf, the Cabaret Voltaire is the original Dada Haus, known as the “birthplace of dada.” The Dada movement bypassed linear, cause-and-effect thinking to harvest a deeper intelligence based on awareness of choice and chance. The #PoDojo hones empathetic listening and intuitive practice in order to create and deliver products that will delight, equipping you and your companies for artful improvement.

Sponsored by #PODojo and Steve Holyer.