Scrum in Manufacturing and Management

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Are you enjoying what Scrum Project Management is doing for your software delivery teams? How about sharing some of that success with your sales, marketing, and public relations staff, and your HR, legal, and finance teams? And your hardware development and manufacturing managers?

Learn all about how your entire company can achieve 10x typical velocities with Peter Stevens, the pioneer of Scrum in Switzerland, and Joe Justice, the founder of Team WIKISPEED.

Joe and Peter work with manufacturing, financial services, hi-tech, aerospace, consulting companies, mobile app developers, web services, design groups, software delivery and testing groups, and health care and government groups.. Joe Justice's Team WIKISPEED used Scrum to develop a 100 mpg car in just 3 months and now delivers social good initiatives worldwide. Peter Stevens pioneered Scrum in Switzerland and is working with Radical Management and Stoos to catalyze a lasting improvement in Management around the world.