Unleash Your Creativity with Angular.js

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/ch/open Workshop-Tage 2014


Are you excited about all those new and awesome technologies like Angular.js, HTML5 and Node.js? Then this will be the right workshop for you! We will give you an introduction to the latest and greatest web technologies involved in a modern front-end development process that are your tools and essentials for building a cutting edge web project.

Angular.js is not just another Javascript library. Once you've felt the simplicity, freedom and efficiency of the framework you will immediately start loving it. With a lot of concepts proven in modern programming languages, Angular's architecture is based on dependency injection, expression binding and other principles that will change the way how you see Javascript. Coupled with other technologies, like the real-time database firebase. io, Angular becomes a incredibly powerful asset that every developer should have experienced at least once.


Each of you will get a copy of a modern front-end toolkit and we will take a look through the most important features. You'll be organized into small groups and have a chance to use the tools and exercise a bit within your group. We'll join your groups and assist you on any open questions you have. Later we will dive into Angular.js and build a web chat.

Theory and basics of Angular.js Crash course in using a modern front-end development workflow Using the modern front-end tool belt and get used to the workflow Build a web chat application using Angular.js and firebase. io Learn about advanced Javascript concepts and how to apply them in your daily work


Participants will get a feeling about the latest front-end technologies and get to know a modern web workflow using a web stack based on Node.js. They will learn the basics of Angular.js and how to build simple and maintainable web applications using one of the worlds most beloved web framework.

Targeted Audience

Developers curious about web technologies who didn't have a chance yet to look into the new generation of new technologies emerged from the power of web browsers.


Intermediate knowledge of HTML, Javascript and CSS

max. Participiants





You will need your own notebook for this workshop.


Gion Kunz Cambridge Technology Partners

Gion Kunz has over 10 years of experience with Web Technologies and likes to see himself as a Web Technology evangelist. He's working at Cambridge Technology Partners as a senior front-end consultant and leads the company internal Community of Interest around Web Technologies. Besides working with responsive web design, clear separation of concerns in the front-end, Angular. js and other cutting edge topics he also participates in the open source world and is the creator of a brand new responsive charting library called "Chartist.js".

Georgios Valotasios Cambridge Technology Partners

Georgios Valotasios is a Software engineer who has been working with the "web" since the start of his career. He went through the transition of fat backend/no client era to the fat client/thin backend that we are all now have to deal with. He has a strong background in Java and Javascript and he is always in touch with the latest web technologies.

Price: CHF 360