Unleash Your Creativity with AngularJS

Networking event, Lecture / talk, Exchange of information / round table | -

Are you excited about all those new and awesome technologies like AngularJS, HTML5 and Node.js? Then this will be the right workshop for you! We will give you an introduction to the latest and greatest web technologies involved in a modern front end development process that are your tools and essentials for building a cutting edge web project.

AngularJS is not just another JavaScript library. Once you've felt the simplicity, freedom and efficiency of the framework you will immediately start loving it.

With a lot of concepts proven in modern programming languages, Angular's architecture is based on dependency injection, expression binding and other principles that will change the way how you see JavaScript.

Coupled with other technologies, like the real-time database firebase.io, Angular becomes an incredibly powerful asset that every developer should have experienced at least once.

Workshop is in English, but both instructors also speak German for questions.

Price: CHF 444