Visual Studio & TFS 2015 Preview Event

Information event (≤ ½ day), Lecture / talk | -

While a few years ago, a typical release cycle of a few months or years was quite normal, today being flexible and faster in the ability to respond is getting increasingly important. Many organizations stopped asking whether or not they want to become more agile, but instead how to combine agile practices and an integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

Microsoft is no exception in that regard and shortened their release cycles quite a bit. For example, Visual Studio Online (VSO) – the cloud-hosted Team Foundation Server (TFS), gets updated with new functionality every 3 weeks; and even the ”classic”, on-premises TFS (the one that can be installed locally in your network) receives roughly four updates a year.

Working in shorter cycles without lowering the quality bar requires a few prerequisites and a more efficient integration between the relevant roles in the process, such as Development, Test and Operations. With Visual Studio, Microsoft provides an integrated ALM solution that supports your entire development process with a professional tool chain and a high level of automation, so that you can focus on the most important things: to create business value through great software.

Are you taking part in professional software development at your company? Then this half-day event is the perfect fit for you. Join us for a look at the upcoming Visual Studio & Team Foundation Server 2015, with lots of live demonstrations to see the integrated ALM solution in action. A truly ”agile” day!