Webmardi - Building content-centric RESTful web applications with Apache Sling : your server becomes your database

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Building a CMS is basically enabling internauts to create hierarchical web content whose structure is supposed to be flexible. This hierarchy is both at the level of the pages organisation, as well as at the level of the structure of the page itself.
Content management frameworks (CMF) helps developers creating web CMS applications by proposing a certain number of out of the box facilities and by maximizing conventions to reduce the amount of code to create and maintain.
But there is still a certain amount of boilerplate code that developers need to implement to bridge the data to the views. Moreover this mapping is versioned with the production code, which make the system less flexible to live exchange component types.
Apache Sling is a RESTful content-centric CMF that uses a content repository as database (JCR). When the data layer embody the CMS model, the content can be directly exposed over REST and the static bridging become unnecessary.

In this Webmardi we will present different aspect of Apache Sling:
- Situations where content centric architecture is a good fit
- Typical CMS issues the framework facilitate
- Java content repository features
- Request processing and rendering resolution
- Ambivalence of content representation, resilience of Sling architecture against consumers types evolution, caching strategies, type of website (server side scripting, single page webapp)
- Similar architectures in other languages

If we have time, demo on AEM (WCMS using Apache Sling)


Fabrice Hong & Matthieu Cornut
Java developers at Liip