Workshop on knowledge sharing

Lecture / talk, Exchange of information / round table | -

Successful startups and companies have proven to be able to change and respond at any time. The change involves a lot of knowledge sharing within your team to drive intelligent actions, based on evidence, data, feedback and alignments. We will conduct a workshop on a new toolkit that will improve your entrepreneur ability to lead the change through Knowledge sharing. The Knowledge sharing canvas will be mixed with the business model canvas and other models to go further into a strategic vision of your business. Refreshing, the canvas is designed by a swiss serial entrepreneur, Raphaël Briner, who merge/sold his own startup to a competitor to go global.

Raphaël Briner is Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of Knowledge Plaza. He lives between Manchester, Bruxelles and Geneva. Regular speaker on open innovation, social media, social business, startups, he promotes a better way to do business with human-centered values and connected vision.

Price: CHF 25